Back in the mid-80’ties ANDERS was a true pioneer within the Graffiti Culture in Copenhagen. In 1996 his life changed radically, as he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Today, 18 years later, Anders still does his Street Art using the pseudonym ZUSA. And even if he is bound to a wheelchair and dependent on his helpers 24/7 – and on their collaboration to do his art – he has an unconquerable will to live, to create and nourish his art and thus makes the best of an illness that constantly reminds him that time is precious.

ZUSA is the abbreviation of Zusammen (being together). It has a large and active group of followers that tracks the production and the installation of the works as they emerge on very specific sites framing the beauty of dilapidated former industrial buildings, abandoned harbour areas and other spectacular and secret spots of Copenhagen.

Tree years ago the documentary filmmaker Tao Nørager convinced Anders to employ him as his helper in order for him to be able to properly follow his old Graffiti-idol with the camera.

Through their collaboration Tao witnesses and documents Anders’ creative process and experiences close up how Anders against all odds can keep focusing on his creativity and how he orchestras the process from the very first inkling of an idea to the complete piece of work.

Tao also joins Anders on an Odyssey of hope where Anders goes to a private hospital in Belgium where he can get an operation that might give him more energy and quality of life – an operation that is still not approved of in Denmark.